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 Well, it seems like I've become sick, again.
I have a weird sort of fever, my body is cool, but my head is hot.
It's annoying...
That's a main reason why I haven't been on here for a while.
Also, I've been gone for a week.
It was a sort of summer camp, where the kids from the place I go to every second weekend went for a week.
The drive there was torture though.
Six hours in a f-ing car.
And I get carsick and forgot my acupressure bands.
But anyway, it was fun, I got to spend some times with my friends and do some fun things.

A small "travel diary":

Went to the "gathering point" where the three cars were that we would drive to the camp with.
During the 6 hour drive we took a few stops to rest and buy something to drink, if we were at a filling station.
We had a longer stop for lunch.
When we finally arrived we first got to bring our bags to our rooms.
Mine was on the second floor, and it was a single bedroom. Wohoo!
Then we could start unpacking, I didn't finish though, because we had to go to the other house.
There we had to have a "meeting" where they brought up all the rules, even though we knew them, they had to do it.
Then we were separated into two groups, the first, my group, got to stay in the "food house" to have a quick briefing about fire safety, also a must from their "boss".
We had it both in the "food house" and the "sleeping house", then we switched and got to go on to the boat safety.
They took up the rules for the boats that they had, three motorboats, two canoes and two pedal-boats.
Then I finished unpacking my stuff, and I went into the "living room" we had on the second floor, and watched my friends play games on the x-box they had taken with them.
Then it was dinner, then we kept playing games and then it was time for bed.

After breakfast me and my three friends decided to stay at the camp.
We played games, and I read my book.
After lunch we four went out to the pedal-boats.
It was fun.
We also saw a snake, or I did, then I told the guys.
It was a cute medium long grass snake, it was a juvenile like this one: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Natrix_natrix_5.jpg
Then we had dinner, after that we kept playing games, then the guys wanted to go for another ride with the boats, but I stayed inside and read my book.
Then it was time for bed.

After breakfast we went to Göteborg, to go to the park Liseberg.
It was so much fun!
I got to ride the highest roller coaster made out of wood in Scandinavia (Nordic Countries) Balder.
Then we rode the radio cars, it was fun, although I got hurt somehow.
After that we rode Balder again.
Then it was time for dinner.
Then we rode a thing called Kållerado.
Trust me, we got soaking wet after 4 times.
Then we went back, and it was almost 11pm so straight to bed.

Since I got hurt in the radio cars when we were at Liseberg, I had to skip the activity and stayed with my friends.
I had wanted to go riding, it was very cute Bashkir Ponies.
But we had fun, I was actually out in the sun reading, while the guys were out in the pedal-boats again.
After dinner, we played games and started a Role play.
Then we watched Resident Evil: Degeneration on my Laptop.
Then we went to bed.

This day we went into town after lunch we went into town.
We went to a second hand store owned by the Red Cross.
Then we went to a cafe and after that we went back.
We played games both before and after dinner.
Then we went to bed.

This was a very fun day.
After breakfast we had the first four competitions of the pentathlon.
I off course got to be in a group with my three friends, we got to be team Mouse.
The first task was to walk around the "food house" in one minute, or as close as possible. I got 48 seconds, I think, one of the guys got 58 seconds.
The second task was to throw 4 balls into a box, there were two boxes the closest one gave 1 point and the other one gave 3 points, because it was further away.
The third task was to spin three times around a stick then shoot a ball at a barrel. We had two shoots each, we got 6 out of 8.
The fourth task was funny but complicated in a way. Two teams stood at either side of a trampoline, and one person at a time from each team had to run one lap while trying to "catch" the person from the other team. It took some time, but I managed to catch the person from the other team on my 5ht time.
Then we moved to the final, in which I also captured the other teams runner.
After that we had lunch, then we went to drive Go-Cart.
First time I've ever done that, it was really fun!
Then we went back, and me and my friends played games.
Then after dinner we had a "coffee break" with ice cream and such.
After that we had the last task, a music quiz.
Before the quiz my team had 1st place, after the quiz we got 3rd place.
Then it was a small "disco" then it was time for bed.

Time to drive back home.
Our car got back first, it only took like 4-5 hours.
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