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Geez don't they ever go away?
Seriously, why won't they spiders leave me alone?
At the summer place that me and my mom are renting, the spiders are always coming up to me, like they want me to pet them or something.
At least the spiders at home have some manners, they know that I hate them to bits, and stay out of my way.
But here, noooooo. Here they want to cuddle.
Yesterday I woke up at like 5 am or so, and the first thing I see is a fu*king spider, sitting on my nose!
It scared the living sh*t out of me. So I pretty much screamed my lungs out.
And the little bastard just sat there. I bet it was laughing at me.
They are evil little things.
Luckily for me, my mom was up, to get some early coffee.
So she got the very important job to remove the spider from my nose.
And yes, I refuse to even touch them.
I've touched one spider in my whole life, and that was a big Tarantella, or something, at the zoo.


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