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This is so annoying!
I was sitting outside the house, drawing and eating hot dogs.
When all of a sudden I see our neighbours dog, he's a black labrador, maybe a mix, but I think he's pure blooded.
Anyway, he runs up to me, with his all happy self, and pretty much jumps up on me.
While he was liking my face, he drooled and scratched at one of my drawing 'note book'.
So he pretty much thrashed some of my drawings.
Then one of his owners came, and he's really nice.
He appologised a lot, and I said that it wasn't such a big deal, that I had scanned all the pictures already.
Of course that wasn't true.
But I know that it was an acident, he just wanted to say hello, and steal my hot dogs XD

So I looked through, to see what I could salvage, and here's a little list of what got thrashed.

An art trade with Milky8 on dA
Five requests on dA
One re-designed design on dA
Three birthday gift drawings on dA
Two art xchange drawings, from Livejournal and dA
An ACEO trade on dA
Pay it forward drawing on dA
Several ref sheets


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